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We believe…

Social responsibility is our responsibility.

Our passion is customized service excellence for every guest, every time.

Positive energy and outcomes follow positive intention.

Respectful, caring treatment for people and our planet is fundamental.

Ecological stewardship and financial prosperity are mutually achievable.

Environmentalism and personal wellness require safe, natural products and practices.

We are life long learners who are called to educate and inspire.

True leadership embodies Presence, Passion, Purpose, Partnership and Practice.

Embracing diversity strengthens our team of Artists, Healers, Helpers, Experts, Dreamers, Doers, Educators, and Technicians.

Together we can make a difference!


New Client Total Experience

From the moment you step in you're thee VIP. 2 hours of pure bliss coupled with amazing results!

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Fresh Fruit Facial

The aroma of fresh fruits floods the room... melt into total relaxation as nature works for your skin. 

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Hydrafacial MD Facial

No one does the Hydrafacial quite like us, most spas will rush— we still place it inside of a full facial!

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Dermafiling Facial

You've heard of microdermabrasion... Let us introduce you to it's healthier sister, Dermafiling! 

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Detoxifying Mud Massage

Mud never felt so good! Drift into a deep state of meditation as your body detoxes & distresses

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Swedish Massage

No two Swedish Massages are the same at TSG! Fully customize your body work with our Luxe add-ons.

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Deep Tissue Massage

That knot in your neck isn't going to work itself out! Allow us to design a more intense body work plan for you

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