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What Miss TSG has to say about Dermaplaning...

"Dermaplaning to a great treatment for most of my clients. I have found that it takes time to be completely comfortable doing this treatment but once you got it, YOU GOT IT! I have trained students as far as Atlanta, GA and am excited to train even more eager Esties!"

Dermplaning & Oilplaning 2 Day Class

In this class we will cover...


Oct 10

History & Theory of Dermaplaning/Oilplaing

why, when, how?


Oct 10


what to stay away from...


Oct 10

Hand Positioning 

It has to be just right!


Oct 10

"Mock" Dermaplning 

Practice Practice Practice!


Oct 10

Prepping The Client

The preparation is key!


Oct 10

Chemical Peel Add On's

Get even better results for your clients!


Oct 10

Full of Supervised Practice

You will leave feeling confident!

Certificate of Completion from TSG

Sign, sealed, delivered... it's yours!

$50 GLO Product Credit 

You won't leave without professional products to use in your facials!

Life Long Skills for Your Business

You have to make a small investment to yield a great profit!

Access to Our "Skincare for Black Women" FB Page as a Skincare Expert

With close to 1000 member world wide, you will be able to sell, advertise, and target your ideal clients virtually!

Invest In Your Business!

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