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Esteeming Esthetic Excellence!

Miss There She Glows prides herself on what she does inside and outside of the treatment room! She is now ready to share with others the basics of the beauty business and the intricacies she's developed in her very own treatment room!

Invest in Your Business & Learn Today!

Mis TSG Mentorship Program

Refine your skills

Rise above the competition

Attract more soulmate clients

Deliver the highest quality beauty services + products

Establish yourself as the trustworthy expert in your field

Join Miss There She Glows in a private Facebook Group where she will be posting educational demos, Industry focused continuing education, and helping you achieve the things listed above on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis! Look no further, your beauty biz coach is here! This mentorship program being offered is specifically for those want to build upon their esthetic or cosmetology school knowledge of skincare and the basics of the treatment room. You will learn how to grow comfortable into your fullest potential with access to an exclusive Facebook group and educational materials as well as the option to schedule 2 hours of hands on training or hop on a 2 hour Q&A phone time/face-time with Reg, (Miss There She Glows).

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