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What Miss TSG Has to Say About Microderms...

"Microdermabrasion was the very first modality I added to my spa menu!  This was the machine and service that produced enough revenue to reinvest into and grow my business. I love teaching the secrets behind a good microdermabrasion facial because I know the Esthetician will take those tools and grow beyond his/her wildest dreams!"

Microdermabrasion + Chemical Peel Class

In this class we will cover:


Microdermabrasion History and Theory 

What is it, Why we do it, When do we do it?


Skin Preparation 

Making sure that your client is ready!


Contraindications for Microdermabrasion

Stay away from these skin and/or health conditions...


Oct 10

Microdermabrasion Patterns

How to move, stretch, and polish the skin!


Oct 10

Machine Knowledge 

The bang for your buck!


Oct 10

Chemical Peel Add On's

Spice up your clients life! Get even better results!


Oct 10

How to Sell It

Gain an instant ROI with these sales points!

Certificate of Completion from TSG

Sign, sealed, delivered... it's yours!

Life Long Skills for Your Business

You have to make a small investment to yield a great profit!

Access to Our "Skincare for Black Women" FB Page as a Skincare Expert

With close to 1000 member world wide, you will be able to sell, advertise, and target your ideal clients virtually!

Invest In Your Business!

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