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Makeup Classes

"Shop Till You Pop": Personal Makeup Shopping!

Have you ever thought about how easy life could be if the "experts" inside Ulta knew more about your face and what it needs. Or how about living a carefree life of perfect foundation matches and zero expensive product returns!?

This could be your life! 

Schedule your One on One Makeup Shopping Experience with Miss There She Glows! She will meet you at your fav beauty store and literally shop WITH you FOR you! 

This shopping experience includes:

-Skin Analysis

-Color Matching

-Product Elimination

 (before you leave the store)

- Makeup/Skin Q&A

-A Mini Makeover right in the store

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"Skin-thusiast": One on One Skincare Workshop 

There is nothing to be ashamed of, you love skin and you want to know more about it! We applaud and welcome your enthusiasm! Though we may not have enough time during treatments to discuss every aspect of skin, we created this one on one workshop to really delve into the theory of skin and the best practices to maintain healthy skin. You will learn:

-How to cleanse properly

-The best products for you

-Exfoliation methods

-Skincare Goals

-At-Home Skincare

and anything you want to know about your skin and how to care for it!

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